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The 5th Sundays

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Julie Stein
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Michael Mette
Don Whitaker
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Meet The 5th Sundays!
Don Whitaker on drums/percussion -- Julie Stein on sax, flute, vocals -- Michael Mettee on guitar, random other cool stuff, vocals -- Dave Powell on stand up sass, bass and probably some vocals too. Don might even chime in with this group of groovy people.

The 5th Sundays are a band taking your latest favorite song, that old classic song from the 70's, or even some psychedelic anthem and adding a little jazz and even some sass (enter Julie.) It is also taking your favorite old jazz, swing, flapper, or vaudeville tune and adding some ruff edges and even some kick-ass (enter Don.)

The 5th Sunday is something you have never seen before...a tye-dye wearing, loud ass drummer, a sassy prissy princess of sax & flute-playing vocalist, a classically trained, contained, disciplined yet rowdy guitarist, and a quiet, stoic, chilled out dude with a 5-string upright. Check us out sometime.

Thanks for taking a look at our site. Be sure to get in touch with your thoughts and suggestions. We will be updating frequently, so please check back often.


The 5th Sundays are Musical warm chocolate dripping with delicacy and a burst of lusty flavors.

Music to be replaced with The 5th Sunday's original renditions and originals as soon as the disc is ready for show.



                                    II - July 21, 2006